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Bansar Garden, Sangrur

Sangrur is situated on Ludhiana-Jakhal Railway line and is well connected by road with Patiala, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Bathinda. The Banasar garden, in addition to its walking trails and plantations is famous for its marble Baradari (building with 12 doors), mini zoo and the old Diwan Khana which is a museum now and which stands out of the middle of a pool. It is decorated with carved marble slabs and four towers. One enters the Baradari through a bridge leading to a marble gate on the western side. Banasar garden is open to public now.

Aam Khas Bagh, Sirhind

The Aam Khas Bagh was built for the public and also for exclusive use of the Emperor Shah Jahan. Both of them use to stay here while going to and coming back from Lahore. There were adequate number of places for the stay of Mughal Emperors. A close scrutiny of the remnants of the places clearly indicates that there was a perfect system of air-conditioning in the places and the monument is called ‘SARAD KHANA’. The other monuments include ‘SHEESH MAHAL’ (DAULAT-KHANA-E-KHAS), HAMAM and the Tank where unique methods of heating water were adopted. The total area of the complex is 700ft X 485ft. A Tourist Complex known as ‘MAULASARI’ is being run. A beautiful garden and the Nursery is being maintained.

During the famous Jor Mela at Fatehgarh Sahib, the light and sound programme regarding the history of Sirhind and the martyrdom of younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh is shown to the visitors at night in the Aam Khas Bagh.

The king of his time brought local chieftains under his control and virtually finished any eventuality of possible attacks on the kingdom raised by him. To commemorate the memory of his valour Ram Bagh on its one end has a lively statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh saddled on a horse in a winsome posture.

Ram Bagh Garden, Amritsar

The home of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s summer palace, intersected by water channels fitted with fountains and golden fish, rare coniferous trees and herbal plants which do not normally grow in the plains of Punjab, is by far the best garden in Punjab.Ram Bagh a beautiful garden, an accustomed listener to the Neighs of thousand horses, announcing the arrival of the statesman of the century Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) the Lion of Punjab, has in its heart the summer Palace of this great ruler. Maintenance free inbuilt cooling system designed in the Palace exhibits the architectural excellence and invokes a keen interest.

The garden was named by the ruler himself as a tribute to Guru Ram Das, the founder of the city. Now the summer palace of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh has been converted into a museum, which speaks volumes on his times. On display are weapons dating back to Mughal times, portraits of ruling houses of Punjab and a replica of diamond “Kohinoor”. In those days the garden was approached by a huge fortified gate which still exists in its original form and is just on the periphery of the garden.

Shalimar Garden Kapurthala

A beautifully well-laid compact garden with swimming pool and mausoleums of erstwhile rulers of Kapurthala is filled with piece and is a great spot for spending leisure time.Shalimar Garden is a beautiful small garden situated at Kapurthala. A magnificent gate welcomes one in to the curtilage where a charming pond and a park provide ideal vistas to sit and relax. A well-stocked library caters to the studious lot.

The historical building, Baradari, in the Shalimar Garden is the site where Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Maharaja Fateh Singh had met. The Samadhis of former rulers of Kapurthala, with excellent filigree work, are also housed in the garden. Shalimar Garden hosts the annual Basant Panchi Mela.

Bara Dari Garden, Patiala

The Baradari gardens surround the Baradari palace located in the north of old Patiala city, just outside Sheranwala Gate. The gardens, laid under Maharaja Rajindera Singh were planted extensively rare trees and shrubs, dotted with impressive Colonial buildings and a marble statue of Maharaja Rajindera Singh and the Fern House. The 19th century Fern House, a replica of the one in Calcutta forms a unique attraction along with quaint Rink Hall.

State guesthouses for foreigners and important Indian dignitaries used to be located here during the rule of the Patiala state. Its world famous Cricket Stadium, its fruits trees, especially the mangoes are very delicious. Huge colonial bungalows with large compounds are located all over. Unfortunately heavy traffic is taking a high toll of it.

Wild Life, Zoo, Wet Lands

Hari-ke-pattan, Amritsar, National Wetland & Wildlife Sanctuary

The colorful and exuberant state of Punjab abounds in tradition, history, folklore, grandeur, architectural splendor as well as panoramic natural beauty. Among the various parks and sanctuaries in Punjab, the Hari-ke-pattan, Amritsar, National Wetland & Wildlife Sanctuary deserves special mention.

Hari-ke-pattan, Amritsar, National Wetland & Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Punjab’s eminent wetlands and bird reserves. The oasis of idyllic green is situated near the districts of Harike, Amritsar, Kapurthala and Ferozepur and hence is flooded with local citizens as well as tourists.Hari-ke-pattan sanctuary also encloses a sparkling, sylvan lake that gleams like a mirage of quicksilver in the streaming sunlight. The lake is possibly the most significant water body of the state and witnesses the influx of nearly 350 species of exotic migratory birds from as far as Siberia during the freezing winters.

Kanjli Wetland, Kapurthala

Maharaja of Kapurthala had built a lake after making a barrage on river Kali Bein. Many rivulet discharges into this river and a beautiful lake is still there. On the left side of lake lies a green forest with some wildlife. Maharaja had built a retreat called The Villa on French design on the banks of this lake. The present descendant of Maharaja uses as their residence. The lake is a beautiful home of migratory birds in winters, has been developed as a still more beautiful picnic spot with all the infrastructure facilities. The tourist can go for boating in this lake.

Satluj Water Body Wetland, Ropar

Over 250 species of migratory birds have been spotted here. 30 km of crystal clear water in scenic surroundings makes it a popular spot for angling, kayaking, canoeing, boating and long distance swimming.

Zoological Park Chhatbir

20 km from Chandigarh and 55 km from Patiala spread over 202 Acres of raw scrubland; it houses 52 species of animal and 62species of birds in a simulated natural habitat. It is famous for its Lion Safari and is the biggest park of its type in India.

Tiger Safari Ludhiana & Deer Park at Neelon

Tiger Safari Ludhiana & Deer Park at Neelon on Ludhiana- Chandigarh road are also worth visiting. Tiger Safari is situated on GT Road (Ludhiana-Jalandhar Highway); it is 6 kms from the main city. Tiger Safari here is stretched out on 25 acres. Since tigers have delighted 1993 people here, black bucks, sambhars, rabbits and lots of peacocks in the safari. Majestic tigers roaming about in the dense jungle offer a thrilling experience.

Of course, the Tiger Safari is one place where the children love going. It is quite exciting for children to see the tigers bathing and roaming freely from the windows of the van. We all have seen the tigers in a zoo. But it was exciting to see the tigers sleeping under the bushes to protect themselves from the fierce sun. It is really enjoyable & thrilling to see the tigers bathing in the pool. It was a very thrilling experience.

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