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The joy of living seems to permeate the very atmosphere of West Bengal and that makes it a land with a distinct identity. Of the nine states of India with a coastline, West Bengal is the only one, which has all the three major tourist attractions – mountains, sea and forest. The state also boasts of an unmatched cultural heritage that adds to its prime attractions.


Bihar is a land blessed with beauty both metaphysical and physical. Its vast plains, fed by some of the country’s well known rivers, have ensured prosperity. It has a rich culture and heritage and its people are hardworking and fun loving.


The state of Jharkhand is no more than 8 years old, by reorganizing the southern regions of Bihar, which is mainly shrouded with forests and tribals. Jharkhand is strategically very important state as it has shared its border with Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh in the west, Orissa in the south and West Bengal in the east. Jharkhand is formed by the Chota…


The land of temples, forests and seas, Orissa offers everything that can wish for. By embarking on tours and vacations in Orissa, you can go to popular tourist spots like Jagannath temple, Lingraja Temple, Konark, Simlipal National Park, Chandipur and so on. There are various travel packages like rustic tours, pilgrim Orissa tours, tribal village voyage tours and lots more..

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