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Pushpa Gujral Science City

Pushpa Gujral Science City

The people of Punjab are hard working, enthusiastic, vigorous, dynamic, zealous, adventurous and inquisitive. The establishment of the Pushpa Gujral Science City at Kapurthala, in the heart of Punjab, is a major step towards enhancing the growth potential and spurring the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the people of the State. The Project which primarily aims at popularizing science through “edutainment” i.e. education through entertainment, has been set up on the 72 acres of land on the Jalandhar-Kapurthala Road. The biggest project of its kind in India, it is intended to fire the imagination and creativity, foster the spirit of inquiry and exploration especially in the young minds.

The Science City derives its strength from the association of several top-ranking scientists of the country for development of its various galleries and selection of exhibits. It had the privilege of having Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam, Hon’ble President of India as its Chief Patron. Prof. Yash Pal, Padma Bhushan, known as the Carl Sagan of India, is a Patron of the Science City.

Pushpa Gujral Science City is a unique place, which offers entertainment with learning experience for the whole family. The Science City offers a blend of education, curiosity and fun to ensure longer and repeated visits. The project has something for everyone, regardless of age, education, profession or social strata.

The total cost of the Science City Project is Rs.100 crores. It is a joint project of the Government of India and Government of Punjab. It has several unique facilities, which offer memorable experiences. Now, you have not to go abroad to see an IMAX Movie or see a Laser Show or for a ride in the Flight Simulator.

The Giant Dome Theatre
A giant Dome Theatre with a capacity of 328 persons has a screen, which is 10 times larger than 35mm used in regular theatres. The theatre is now running the Film EVEREST, which is filled with fascinating information about how this mountain was formed and continues to evolve. Filmed in breathtaking IMAX photography, the EVEREST Film Expedition brings the story of the tallest Himalayan peak and one of humanity’s greatest adventures to the largest motion picture screens in the world.

EVEREST is engrossed with interesting & knowledgeable information about how high-altitude challenges a climber’s physical and mental capabilities, and how Sherpa culture and tradition permeates the Mount Everest experience. But EVEREST is also a rich, dramatic story about the relationship between a group of daring human beings and the mountain they love, respect and sometimes fear.

The film illustrates the combination of awe and seductive danger that has inspired scores of climbers to reach for the mountain’s summit and is a powerful, absorbing adventure boasting a strong emotional component and amazing visuals”. The film provides an out of the world experience to be as close to the peak as you can get without doing it yourself. So, be at the Science City to virtually climb the Mt. Everest.

Virtual Expeditions (Flight Simulator)
30 seater Flight Simulator provides visitors a sense of adventure through virtual expeditions to Sun and Space. The visitors have a fantastic real life experience as if zooming through the stars in an alien universe, making death defying leaps across chasms or burning the formula one track in your racing car or moving upside down as in a roller coaster.

Virtual 3-D Show
Here, you will see the objects flying out of the screen coming in every direction; creepy characters reaching out to grab you giving a feeling that you are a part of an action.

Indoor Laser Show
A much hype and curiosity exists in the minds of people regarding these types of shows as they practically do not exist in the country. This laser show takes visitor to the wonderland where one would experience sudden shots of fog with mind-boggling mix of sound and laser beams.

Several other galleries set up in the Science City arouse the interest of the public for their uniqueness and interactive operation. The important galleries, which have been set up, are:

Space Gallery (Cosmos)
The gallery displays cut-view models of satellites and various applications of space technology. The major constituents of the gallery include; Astronomy – our Universe; Solar System; Satellites viz. Aryabahta, Dynamic PSLV, INSAT, IRS, ISS (International Space Station), Indian Space Programmes; International Space Programmes; Future Space Explorations & Programmes; Space Applications; GIS and Satellite Communication System.

A Mini Planetarium has also been built which covers not only the topics on space and astronomy, but also on Hindu Mythology, Biology, Weather and Bird Migration etc.

Fun Science Exhibits
Around 100 numbers of assorted interactive exhibits have been designed and fabricated and clustered together on the basis of basic fundamental science themes. The exhibits reflect the basic principles of reflection, refraction, sound waves, vibrations, illusions, primary colours, work, energy & power etc. in a very interesting and interactive way.

Cyber Space Gallery
This gallery provides visitors hands-on experience on Internet, educational software and also access to CD library, which has material on various topics of science.

Amazing Living Machine (Health Gallery)
In this gallery, YOUR BODY information on the Anatomy and Physiology of human body has been displayed. The star attractions are the DNA model and the full body X-ray.

Kids Science Park
Kids Science Park (for three years to eight years old children) has been established in about 1500 sq. mtr area. The Park has skilled games and swings, seesaws etc. generating the curiosity among the children about the scientific principles behind these activities.

The Science City is now vigorously working on the next phase of its development. The buildings for the Energy Education and Awareness Park are almost ready. This Park will demonstrate uses of various forms of non-conventional energy sources.

Buildings for the four new exhibit galleries are under construction. These buildings will house four new galleries namely The Science of Sports, Ecology and Environment, Health and Biotechnology, and Emerging Technologies.

Ministry of Railways has agreed to set up a Railway Gallery in the Science City. The highlights of the Gallery would be a steam engine, a children toy train and engine simulators.

Indian Meteorological Department is installing an Automatic Weather Station linked to the Satellite Kalpana. Setting up a satellite receiving station and Weather Forecasting Information System will follow this. The systems are likely to be operational in the next month.

Information has been received from the Air Headquarters that one decommissioned MIG-23 Aircraft has been approved for our Science City. We have been assured of supply of other Defence related items by the Army Headquarters.

Science City in collaboration with the Punjab State Aids Control Society is launching Red Ribbon Express Bus to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. The Society would financially and technically support the Science City in this programme.

On demands from the schools and colleges to strengthen the Botany related exhibits, the Science City has taken a number of steps. A Herbal Garden having 90 medicinal and aromatic plants has been set up. The planning for the Cactus and Succulent Garden has been finalized. One part of the Science City will also have the trees of Punjab, which have cultural and heritage value.

One of the new Star Attractions would be a Digital Planetarium to be set up for the first time in the Northern Region. A Dinosaurs Park is being set up in the Island surrounded by the Water Body. This Park would specifically display the Indian dinosaurs.

As a responsible organization, the Science City has set up a retention pond for rain harvesting, so that water conservation can be ensured.

In the centre of the Science City, a large artificial water body has been constructed with a rowing distance of about 1 kilometer. It has an island on which an Evolution Gallery will be established.

A multi-cuisine restaurant and snack bar offers a wide choice and variety of food and snacks at reasonable rates.

The Science City celebrated its Annual Day on March 20, 2006. 14 new exhibits were unveiled. One of its kind exhibits, Einstein Speaking, has been displayed for the first time. Here, the look-alike of eminent scientist Einstein explains the famous theory of relativity in his original voice.

The Science City received overwhelming response during first year of its operation and received over 3.5 lacs visitors from various walks of life against a target of 2.5 lacs visitors. There has been an overall appreciation from the visitors, specially the students, about the exhibits and facilities, which have been set up in the Science City.

We invite you to visit the Science City with your family and friends and have the exhilarating experience of virtually climbing the Everest and enjoy the visually glorious panorama of the view around it.

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As a tribute to the patronage of the Patiala ruling family, National Institute of Sports was established here. Patiala’s old Sports Stadium, Cricket Stadium, and Polo ground have seen the greatest sportsmen of the world in action World’s best Cricket Stadium has been built at S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) and one of India’s best Vellodrome at the Punjab Agriculture University at Ludhiana. Punjab’s cities and town are considered incomplete without stadiums.

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